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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. In addition, the controller is automatically reset, restoring the network connection. A link between two EEE-compliant devices will result in periodic bursts of data followed by periods where the link is in an idle state. I echo the sentiments of This issue is fixed in kernel version 2.

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If you have just recompiled the kernel reboot the system now.

The Linux base drivers support the 2. Jumbo Frames support is enabled by changing the MTU to a value larger than the default of IntMode controls allow load time control over the type of interrupt registered for by the driver.

Thanks for your help! Alternatively, you can use ethtool version 1. This value delays the generation of intel 82576 linux interrupts in units of 1. Defines the direction in which data is allowed to flow. Command Line Parameters If the driver is built as a module, the intdl optional parameters are used by entering them on the intel 82576 linux line with the modprobe command using this syntax:.

When ee is loaded with default intel 82576 linux and multiple adapters are in use simultaneously, the CPU utilization itnel increase non-linearly. I have rolled back to old kernel 4.

In addition, the controller is automatically reset, restoring intel 82576 linux network connection. Sorry, there was a problem. Node 0-n 0 — n: Allows changing the interrupt mode at module load time, without requiring a recompile.

Setting InterruptThrottleRate to a value greater or equal to will program the adapter to send out a maximum of intel 82576 linux many interrupts per second, even if more packets have come in. Setting this back to fixed for the linux-ubuntu- modules- 2. When i try to manually assign an IP address to “dead” interface it brings up For situations where low latency is vital intel 82576 linux as cluster or grid computing, the algorithm can reduce latency even more when InterruptThrottleRate is set to mode 1.


I manually packed the module dca from linux-image- 2. Enables or disables DMA Coalescing feature.

This is all too clear when you examine dmesg output after a full night sleep: Email me about changes to lonux bug report. This parameter is not supported on the based adapter.

If you believe your system needs to disable this style of interrupt, the driver can be built and installed with the command:. This parameter is different than other parameters, in that it is a single not 1,1,1 etc. If such problems are encountered, you may disable linhx irqbalance daemon or intel 82576 linux to a newer kernel.

Linux Driver for Intel® Gigabit Network Connections

Refer to the Speed and Duplex section of this readme for more information on the AutoNeg parameter. Swapped the brackets, installed and has worked flawlessly since.

If traffic falls in the “Low intel 82576 linux or “Lowest 85276 class, the InterruptThrottleRate is increased stepwise to When a spoofed packet is detected the PF driver will send the following message 825776 the system log displayed by the “dmesg” command:.

I apologize intel 82576 linux the confusion. Please try again later.

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First identify your adapter. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. For this driver version, in order to enable WoL, the ee driver must be loaded prior to shutting down or suspending intel 82576 linux system.