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See the Olympus website for a list of microSD cards that have been confirmed to operate with this recorder in conditions prescribed by Olympus. All this is now possible with just a single device that is both ultra-compact and stylish. Notes The recorder will stop if you leave it idle for 3 minutes during a menu setup operation, when a selected item is not applied. Safety precautions Battery handling precautions Follow these important guidelines to prevent batteries from leaking, overheating, burning, exploding, or causing electrical shocks or burns. At the highest value, even the faintest sound will activate recording.

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Olympus Vnpc Digital Voice Recorder HRS 2gb | eBay

Using the recorder on your PC Apart from using this unit as a recorder, you can use it olympus vn-702pc an external memory for your computer, as a storage device. Playback at normal speed. Olympus vn-702pc VN PC is an innovative solution for those regularly on the move and olympuw value the ease and versatility of having a single device capable of recording their voice files as well olympus vn-702pc transporting all other types of digital data.

Register your product on www. Menu setting method File Menu File Lock Locking a file keeps important data from being accidentally erased.

Olympus Vn-702pc Digital Voice Recorder 823 HRS 2gb

If you wish to use these recording scene or situation. The audio device also featurse a removable microSD media card slot olympus vn-702pc further expand capacity by up to 16 gigabytes.

Bn-702pc speaker for audio playback is olympus vn-702pc on the back of the recorder. The next playback will be at that speed. Inserting a microSD card Q While the recorder is in stop mode, open the olympus vn-702pc cover. Ultra-Lightweight Goes with you everywhere.

The record and erase buttons are positioned individually for easy access and to eliminate confusion when handling. Allows high speed, mass storage of files for emailing or saving of audio files and fast olympis to your PC.

Olympus VNPC Digital Voice Recorder

Keeping the MM button pressed will make the recorder rewind the previous file. Playback speed slows down. Select a file in which index or temp marks you wish to erase are contained. Glad I bought this model because I added olympus vn-702pc micro SD card also adding a olympus vn-702pc more space to use.

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Fits comfortably in your pocket. Using the default recording setup I olympus vn-702pc not have much time to study the featuresthe recordings which I olympud over several days were quite impressive, considering it was being used in rooms of different size from a grand ballroom down olympus vn-702pc a small classroom.

The device also features a microSD slot with the potential to hold up to 32GB of additional memory. On playback, the recordings are crystal-clear. Olympus vn-702pc I just need to understand the dialect. Olympus vn-702pc attention to the olympus vn-702pc With slow playback users will be less likely to be required to rewind to hear what was said, and with fast playback they can skip ahead to the essential sections — a real benefit for transcribing dictation.

Make sure that the recorder is stopped, and then connect the USB cable to the connecting port on this recorder.

Proceed to the operation of step 3. Q Select [System Info. In such a case, reduce the speed of the fast olympus vn-702pc. If possible, wear olympus vn-702pc when handling the recorder in cold temperatures. I took the PC to my laptop and copied the recording then listened to it.

Playback through earphones The earphones can be connected to the EAR jack of the recorder for listening. Olympus vn-702pc you connect the recorder to Windows and open [My Olympus vn-702pc, it will be recognized by the drive name of the product name.

If any other company’s cable is used, it may lead to malfunction of the recorder. LED light will be canceled.

Q Select [Property] from the menu on the [File Menu]. Macintosh Q Drag and drop the recorder’s olympus vn-702pc icon for this recorder displayed on the desktop to the Recycle Bin icon.